All the types of computer courses have their own work of every application of a computer has a particular course which teaches how to use that? As nowadays we have in this digital world types of computer courses, but which one will be the best career option for us?

The Computer is built nowadays youth’s life all around the world much new application and software are being famous helping to make work easier. As per the many technical devices, it gets difficult to find the best computer course relevant to our interest. We have several types of computer courses in this blog you will get to know which one will be suitable for you based on your interest you might judge your self according to this blog.


These are the some types of computer courses in 2019

  1. Microsoft application
  2. Tally ERP 9
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Ethical Hacking
  5. Programming Language
  6. Animation and VFX
  7. Web Designing
  8. Mobile Application and Development
  9. Hardware cum Networking
  10. Diploma in IT
  11. B.SC. Computer Technology


In the Microsoft under comes many applications which help in different types of platform like MS.Word use for writing article, posts, etc. MS Excel to be used in making data with the help of formulas. Powerpoint comes in use for showing the picture through slides.


It is short term account-related program through this course you will learn about how to emit the invoice? By Tally ERP makes the account holder data.

computer course details


It optimizes websites ranking on the top using SEO as per your writing part. Digital marketing course nowadays one of the popular program because it is a short term question. This program mainly has 4 parts SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM.

computer courses after 12th


An ethical hacker basically protects the private data and information of a company with their permission. They those data which are illegal and it comes under White Hat.

computer courses details


For using every device of a system requires programming language and the internet is also using nowadays in huge numbers in order to design it helps to website. There are many types of computer programming language PYTHON, JAVA, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, C, C+, C#, PERL, RUBY, SQL, SWIFT, ANGULAR, etc.


Animation and VFX use for presenting an illusion to users who watch those videos. An Animation used many pictures only photos move but it looks like characters are moving. VFX uses in many movies nowadays for showing stunt by actress and actor. When an actor/actress flies into the air, vehicle blasts and goes up to high, etc all these activities done by VFX.

Types of computer courses


It encompasses many aspects of Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimization, programming language. A web designer creates the pages, uses the font and develop the website. This course can be done after completing the 10th class.

Types of computer courses


This course is being famous with the digital world because nowadays everyone uses Mobile. This course will be taught developing the software with the help of mobile relevant’s language Like- Java, Swift, Python, etc.

types of computer courses

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