Top 10 Computer Courses in Demand

Computer course is a based of nowadays youth’s life working in India with many applications. Nowadays everybody is getting a job in India based on computer course. India is growing with many technical devices in all over world the computer is base of all the gadgets every application and software run through a computer networking. But which application will be used by software. To obtain peripheral computer knowledge you will have to pursue a particular course. As we have many computer courses but few programs are the most popular in all over courses. These top 10 computer courses are good for achieving job in India. Every computer program has different time duration some computer courses have a long and short period of time it reliant on the course and certificates will be provided the different of all the courses. Along with time to time a program value is increasing day by day.


computer courses details

Basic computer course

Whenever someone starts anything so that person must have a few basic knowledge about for that thing as the same thing has on the computer as well. A computer also begins from the base in this, a learner will start learning from Ms-word, Ms-excel, Power-point, etc. Every application has its work. For learning basic course it will take a certain 6 months, and after completing this course you will get as a typing job, data operator job. To pursue this course there are no education criteria you can start learning from any class, it is all up to you and your interested.

Tally ERP 9.0

The whole process of Tally comes under an accountant cum a company data for glancing of monthly data and for helping to manage a companies’ account of financial related companies’ work. And all over this course takes 5-6 months. But it will worth for you while pursuing Tally “Enterprise resource planning”(ERP) course; you will learn many skills-


 1- creating bill entry in Tally software


2-Management of payment daily/weekly/monthly/yearly transactions


3- Companies’ products cheque cum net banking through payment keep maintain on Tally latest version 9.0


4- GST (good service and tax)- keeping maintain data of this sheet too. saving the data related to importing goods as well as exporting goods. Once you become a master on Tally software you can get hired in a good company.

computer course details

Hardware cum networking

A computer does not work alone, it needs some more outside and inside parts, for working without connecting those parts it does not work. A mouse, monitor, printer, hard-disk, etc. These all the parts call physical device and hardware part of a computer system. Sometimes all these parts do not work properly, it requires many times maintenance for working exactly with the computer. This course will learn all about repairing these parts how to do this. Every device has its work and how does it transfer whole the data inside the device of computer software. You will get to know these things while pursuing your course. Subsequently this course you will know that about the wireless networking of cable cum hardware related issues. The duration of this course is 6-7 months. During this course you will get a handle on the inside feature of a computer, all these functions you will learn by explaining and practical. After completing it either you can work in a company or open your own business. Now let’s know about a few skills in this post and more knowledge you will get while pursuing your course.


1-You will get knowledge about each an every device’s inside wires.


2- The whole process of connecting a computer its parts with deeply.


3- You know about the introduction of computer system networking.

computer courses details

MATLAB(Matlab laboratory)

Nowadays life is being easier than earlier time because this time is fame for many software. MATLAB is also a software that is famous for document language contains, it makes easy work for numerical computation, visualization, and calculation. The MATLAB software works for scientific graphics. In this course, you will learn step-by-step many activities that will help you to get a job in this field related to your course.


1- MATLAB software has its Toolbox which makes easy work.


2- They will teach you how to use this Toolbox?


3-This software is for scientific graphic, by the help of this software you will learn to handle the data and control on data flow.


4- Usage of 2D, 3D, and integration 


5- By using ToolBox you will curve and making a proper graph that will be impacted by a designer.

Computer course details

Cyber security course

The whole world is being digitally day by day, and all the activities are having online. But due to all the programs through the internet, it has some side-effect as well. Where we have one-side its good impact as the same contradict it has some bad effects too. But sometimes between a consumer and customer during paying payment a third person gets to take that amount of money. For securing the data from these types of activities, we have requirement cybersecurity law as well as cybersecurity course for increasing day by day these spams. To rescue people from these cybercrimes, many students pursue a “Cybersecurity course.” After completing this course, you can be hired in a government sector or private sector for rescuing data of people’s private data from Hackers.


 A learner must have good command at the English language, and on the internet, codes of peripheral language.

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C language course

‘C’ is a coding language, was developed for generating a computer system between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie. ‘C’ language is used in various applications. By ‘C’ we work on an operator system, analysis data, and control system, etc. ‘C’ is the base of programming language, if you know this language, you can grasp any other programming language very easily. It is used for developing the browser and its extension. 

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Short-hand Course

In a busy schedule nowadays no-one has time for writing while speeching by someone for this issue as a good writer. we use short-hand typing for jot down. A person can pursue this course from any institute, and the whole duration of this course is 6 months. It is all up to a learner how much a learner practice. 

Computer courses details

O level course

This is a government authorized course, and equivalent to the 12th standard. If you want to get a good job related to this course, initially you will have to pass level ‘A’ and ‘CCC.’ Then after you can apply in an MNC (multinational company). These both courses conduct through DOEACC (department of electronic and accreditation of computer classes). ‘O’ level course is a mixture of computer technology and management. The benefit of this course gives accreditation to other institutes and universities. 

Java course

JAVA is a computer programming language, it helps in creating games and platforms on a web page. It is used in computer devices and mobile. Among all the peripheral languages it is easier than the other language to understand. The usage of the internet increasing day by day use of Java language also. And the world is becoming automation, technology. After completing the 12th standard, many students are wanting to pursue this course. JAVA course requires approximately 6 months for learning this base.

computer courses details

Oracle course

In every office or a big company that needs to record data related to their work, having seen all these data concerns a web developer was launched this software. With the help of this application, you keep maintaining your office’s data. Sometimes our computer crash in this situation we can retrieve our old data.

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