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As we all know many computer programming languages launched between 1950- 60S. Computer programming languages help us to instruct the applications to use of which have inside the computer and that language computer understands and builds to work the easiest. In simple terms, we can say as human-based has many languages exist on the earth, same it applies  on computer has also various languages which exist in the world.

Time to time there is an array of computer programming languages that can be communicated with a computer by programmers. The computer only understands a language that calls “Binary.” Converting programming language into Binary is known as “Compiling.” Although computer programming language has its own distinct features, in many languages there will be some common features. A computer programming language allows to their computer network to work rapidly and efficiently. Nowadays in the industry, it has been using dozens of computer programming languages among all these programming languages has been compiled 5 languages. Which are in-demand of these languages in the many companies and organizations, the Govt. sector, etc.

Programming Languages 2019

5- PHP


Programming Languages 2019Python is a high-level programming language. You can use this language to developing web applications, websites. This language focus on the applications by taking care of some common programming tasks. The code of this programming language is very easier than other language and readable also which helps to keep maintaining a web application. While writing you must only focus on its source code and syntax of Python language allows you to express the concept without using unnecessary punctuation marks. Python allows you to run the same code on multiple platforms without containing more codes, you can use the modified application without compiling any code and can check the impact of change mode instantly. This language can be taken the use for developing scientific and numeric applications, data analysis features without waisting extra time can be created custom big data solutions.


Programming Language 2019Ruby is also one of the computer programming languages developed by “Yukihiro Matsumoto” in the mid-1990s in Japan. Ruby has simple syntax like C and Java, and the person who knows C and java language can learn the Ruby language very easily. This language supports the window, mac, Linux. Ruby is based on other computer programming languages like Perl, Smalltalk, and ADA.

Ruby does not require longer code, it asks only small, elegant, powerfull because Ruby language has fewer numbers and codes lines. Through this Ruby programming, you may fast create web applications.The Ruby language free to copy and it does not charge money, when programmers have required any usage of changes, modify based on their need. This is very close to spoken language, it has simple rules because it is base on the other language as you read above so there are no tough rules for making features. As it is based on some languages, but it has its own unique code after some practice you will be familiar with it. Ruby language does not have plenty of informational resources as other computer programming languages have. We can say that this is a negative point of this language because Ruby is an interpreted language, scripting language and it does not require any compile between the changes so it is a slower language.


Computer Language Courses ListIt stands for HyperText Markup language and this language created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991.

The first standard version of HTML 2.0 was published in 1999. The use of this language that takes in designing web pages markup language. This is the combination of HT+ML (Hypertext) and (Markup language). They both have their different work from each them Hypertext defines the link between the webpages and markup used for defines the text document. HTML language annotates text to computer so machine could understand it and manipulate it accordingly. This is an independent platform that is why this language is easy to learn and easy to use apart from it has multiple features that can be used in this language like images, video, and audio can be added or Hypertext can add Text. This language can integrate more language under it like java, CSS, etc.


Computer Language Courses ListJavascript codes are written into an HTML page and this language created by “Brendan Eich” in 1995 and inspired by Java language. The fact of that scripting language which is on the HTML page can be seen by anyone and copied as well.

Javascript can be used in another context. It is not a programming language, it is scripting language because it allows the to browser doing the dirty activities like if you command an image to convert into another one manner that will change javascript tells to the browser what to do? By using some codes in javascript your browser will work according to your relevant code.

5- PHP (Personal Home Page)

Computer Language Corses ListThis language gets to use to developing websites and develop applications. It is a server-side scripting language. PHP programming language stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor, but earlier it used to place for the personal home page.

PHP scripting language can only be interpreted where already PHP exists. If the client is accessing the script on the computer that can be run only in the web browser. A PHP file adds their PHP tags and ends with extension. PHP tags start with less than symbol by the question marks and then use PHP’s words. Though you can learn the PHP language without knowing the HTML language, before learning at least you should have the basic knowledge of HTML.

Conclusion: I might hope that one of these courses one course you must have chosen based on your interest. Ahead in the world in upcoming days these courses will be giving you a good amount of salary if you get admission now; don't get late for taking admission.

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