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If you have a dream best-earning amount of a salary in this digital life, there is only a path which goes by the computer device because all works are being done through the technology. If you want to grow your business with the community. You will have to be like them, I mean using the device. You will have to change your skills with the world, then you can earn the best amount of money. You should work along with the world, then your work will become very easy. 

Time to time process of earning it gets changed. In earlier times for working we needed to a vast space, was depend on work. But now it has been changed after launching the computer, it takes less space compared to the traditional work. After inventing the computer, this device has been innovated by more features for making its best-earning device. Now a computer has become the best platform for earning from at home.

The main role is paying in this youth generation’s life the internet, it is making an easy life-style and opening many modules for earning a good amount of a salary. But in a computer device has also many applications which run having known that knowledge, for getting that knowledge related to your work, you must have done a course by a recognized institute. Subsequently completed that course, then you will more grow in your business. There are many courses through those courses you earn money but in among all these courses have some specify course which gives you a chance to best earn money through on computer knowledge.

As per my searching, I found 6 courses by these courses, you can earn the best amount of compare than other courses.


Animation and VFX

You all will be familiar with cartoon Ninja Hathori, Doraemon. They use their video animation. While watching those videos it looks it is moving. Anyone can pursue this course and can earn a good amount of money. If you are creative and make your own dialogue, it is best to enhance your skill through this animation course. But there is a condition your content should be fresh and unique. After completing the 12th, You can pursue your graduation in an Animation course.


When in a movie an actress/ actors flying into the air and jump off the ground. It is all created the use of VFX. Almost every movie is using VFX. After learning the VFX course you can earn between 75K-80K.

Types of computer courses

Web Designing and Development

This is also a choice for choosing the course after 12th standard. In course you have two choices- either you can pursue a short-term course of 3-6 months or long-term course, that may take up to a year. In this course will learn how to design and develop a website. BY this course you can best amount of money between 30-40K.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays everybody is wanting to open his/her business for it Digital Marketing is the best course, In youth’s life. It is being one of the most popular course. There are some modules which you will learn during pursuing this course like:- SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Content writing, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, and mobile marketing.
After getting experiences you can earn a good amount of a salary. Your experience will help you increasing salary.


Graphic Designing

To pursue a Graphic Designing course you must be creative then you can the best amount of money. After completing 12th you can pursue this course. A graphic designer gives a message by Typography, Photography, and Illustration. It designs by computer software for visualization to create communication ideas. They develop production design for applications such as advertisements. A graphic designer can earn between 25K-30K. And can earn in an hour more money base in their design. This is the shot-term course duration of 6 months.

CAD (Computer Aided Designing)

This is the best course for Science stream whosoever students pass out their 12th, and like to technical device. Who else the student of Engineer and likes the mechanical, electrical and civil engineer. It is using in electronic design, it is known as electronic design automation( EDA).
In Computer-Aided Designing, they will teach you this certificate course use engineer and architecture.
After completing the course in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) you can earn between 25K-35K.

Mobile Application Development

Nowadays we all are depended on mobile phones and become habitual of using it for everything. With numerous people’s usage of the internet, it is increasing day by day. That is why in the IT field there are opening many paths careers for students.
A Mobile Application Development course builds good features through mobile apps development course which generates interest in customers to use the phone and keeps engage in a phone.
You can get the best amount of salary with a good job, after completing this course Application, the user of the interface designer, application developer, and app tester.

types of computer courses

In conclusion:- Through this blog, you might get helped to choosing your career base computer course along with could earn best amount of money.

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